"Southern Maryland Corvette Club"

(Revision (J), approved September 14, 2015)
(Revision (K), approved June 19, 2021)
(Revision (L), approved December 12, 2021

(Revision (M), approved September 17th, 2022

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Name and location

SECTION 1.   Name.  This Club shall be known as the “Southern Maryland Corvette Club”                                                 hereafter referred to as “the Club.” The principal office of the Club for business                                           meetings shall be:   Determined by the board of Directors.

SECTION 2.   Mailing Address.   To be determined by the board of Directors.

SECTION 3.   The Club website.  www.southernmarylandcorvetteclub.org

                                                                                  ARTICLE II

SECTION 1.   The objectives of the Club are to promote the enthusiasm, camaraderie, and fellowship                             associated with the pride in ownership of Corvettes.  These objectives shall be shared                               within the Club and actively promoted in good faith and friendship towards others in                               the community.

                                                                                 ARTICLE III

SECTION 1.   Membership in the Club shall be individuals who own a Chevrolet Corvette and are 18                             years of age. To become a member, a prospective member shall complete an application                           and pay the initial dues. In order to stay a member in good standing and remain in the                             Club, the member must attend at least one (1) meeting in the Club's fiscal year.

SECTION 2.   Classes of Membership.

                         a.   Active – A member is considered active when dues are paid in full.

                         b.   Honorary – In recognition of contributions made to benefit the Club any person                                        may be elected to membership by a unanimous vote by the board.

                         c.   Suspended – A member who is greater than 30 days in arrears of any payment to                                       the Club.

                         d.   Lifetime Member – A member who has been a dues paying member for 20                                                  consecutive years. This member would no longer pay annual dues.

SECTION 3.   Resignation.  Any member may resign from the Club.  Resignation does not relieve the                             Club member from any and all indebtedness to the Club.  If a member resigns, they                                   shall not be entitled to a refund of their dues.

SECTION 4.   Termination.  Any member may be terminated for bringing discredit to the Club.  A                                  two-thirds majority of votes cast, in person and absentee, at a Club meeting is                                            required. Any terminated member shall receive no reimbursement of Club dues.

                                                                                  ARTICLE IV
                                                                             Membership Dues

SECTION 1.   Initial Dues.  Each new member, after acceptance, shall pay initial membership dues to                           the Club equal to the amount of annual dues if joining the Club from the October                                       through March. After March 31, each new member shall pay ½ of annual membership                             dues for the current year’s membership.

SECTION 2.   Annual Dues.  All members shall pay annual dues to the Club by the first of September.                            Upon paying the annual dues, each member will receive a new membership card for                                  the period September 01 to August 31, which will be the Club's fiscal year. When dues                              are paid this will certify the member is active. Club dues may be changed by                                                recommendation by the Board of Directors and by a vote of two-thirds of the members                            at a business meeting.

SECTION 3.   Suspension.  Any member who is greater than 30 days in arrears in the payment of                                   annual dues or any indebtedness to the Club will be suspended from membership                                     provided he or she is notified of such action.  A suspended member, upon payment of                               Club dues, shall be reinstated as an active member.

                                                                                  ARTICLE V

SECTION 1.   The officers of the Club shall be president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer.  The                           vice president may also concurrently hold the secretary office. The President shall be                               elected for a term of two (2) years while all other positions are elected for a term of one                           (1) year. The term of office will start on October 1st and run through September 30th.

SECTION 2.   President.  The president shall be the chief executive of the Club and shall preside over                            all meetings. The president shall have the power to convene special meetings when                                    deemed necessary, or when one is requested by the majority of the Club membership.                              He or she may sign and make contracts and agreements in the name of the Club.  The                              president shall see that the books, reports, and any Club business records are properly                              kept.  The president (or his delegate) shall represent the Club in any and all civic                                       duties.  He or she shall ensure that the officers of the Club discharge their duties                                         faithfully, impartially, and promptly and shall enforce strict compliance with the laws                               and policies of the Club.  He or she shall rule on points of order.  The president shall                                 have the power to appoint any officer or committees not provided for by these by-laws.                             If there is an even number of board members present at a board meeting, the president                           shall not be entitled to vote on Club issues.

SECTION 3.   Vice President.  The vice president shall assist the president in the performance of                                      his/her duties. During the presidents absence the vice president shall act as the                                          president and have all of the powers and responsibilities given to or imposed upon the                              president. The vice president may also assume the role of the secretary.

SECTION 4.   Secretary.  The secretary shall keep accurate records and minutes of decisions at all                                  club meetings.  He or she shall be the custodian of all records and correspondence of                                the Club.  The secretary shall hold and maintain an up-to-date inventory of all                                            possessions of the Club.

SECTION 5.   Treasurer.  The treasurer shall collect all Club dues and shall have care, custody, and                               responsibility for all Club funds. The treasurer shall make and endorse in the name of                               the Club all checks for payment of monies.  He or she shall deposit all such funds in a                               bank as designated by the Club.  He or she shall have a secondary endorsement from a                             Board member of the Club.  The treasurer shall render a written statement of the                                       condition of the finances of the Club at every regular Club meeting and at any such time                           as requested.  The treasurer shall prepare an annual budget for review and approval by                           the Club during the September meeting. The treasurer will ensure the Club maintains                               tax exempt status annually.

SECTION 6.   Past President.  All past presidents who are active club members shall serve in an                                      advisory position.

                                                                                  ARTICLE VI
                                                                             Board of Directors

SECTION 1.   The board of directors shall consist of the president, vice president, secretary,                                             treasurer, and immediate past president.

SECTION 2.   Duties.  The board of directors shall make decisions on behalf of the Club concerning                                any matter affecting the well being of the Club.  The board of directors may not create,                              modify, or delete any by-law without the approval of the membership.

SECTION 3.   Board Meetings.  Regularly scheduled board of director meetings shall be published via                            the Club website in December for the following year. The board of director meetings                                  will be held in February, May, August, and November. Any additional meetings held by                            the board of directors must be announced to the Club seven (7) days prior to the                                        scheduled meeting.  Any active Club member may attend board meetings to voice their                            opinion.

SECTION 4.   Purpose. The purpose of all board of directors meetings will be for time sensitive                                        operational information and decisions.

                                                                                  ARTICLE VII
                                                                               Officer Elections

SECTION 1.   Procedure.  On the June and September business meetings, nominations will be made                             for candidates to fill the officer positions (every 2 years for the president and every year                           for all other positions). During the September meeting, a written vote will be taken                                   from the members in attendance at the business meeting. Voting may be made by an                               absentee ballot or by email as long as the ballot is received by the secretary  prior to the                           election. All officer positions will be elected by receiving the highest number of votes for                           the office for which they were candidates. All members will only have one vote.

SECTION 2.   Midterm vacancies.  A vacancy of any officer position except the president will be filled                            by an email request from the board to members for nomination. After a minimum of                                two weeks for nominations, the board will select the new officer from the nominees.  In                            the event of the presidency vacating, the vice president will assume the president                                      position and the above process will be used to fill the vice president position. The term                            of the officer in the vacated position will end with the next regularly scheduled election.

                                                                                  ARTICLE VIII

SECTION 1.   Club Business Meetings.  The Club shall hold regularly scheduled business meetings in                             the months of March, June, September, and December. All Club members are invited                               and encouraged to attend these meetings.

SECTION 2.   Notice of Meetings.  The dates of the Club business meetings are to be published on the                           Club website by the board no later than December for the upcoming year. The board                                 may change the meeting date, location, and time due to conflicts. In the case of meeting                           date/location/time changing, a notification shall be posted on the website, members                                 notified via email, and members notified via a phone call at least one (1) week in                                         advance of the originally scheduled meeting and to have at least one weeks’ notice                                     before the new meeting date.

SECTION 3.   Quorum.  Five (5) active members shall constitute a quorum, at any business or special                           business meeting.

                                                                                  ARTICLE IX
                                                                        Parliamentary Authority

SECTION 1.   Procedure.  The rules contained in the current edition of Robert's Rules of Order Newly                           Revised shall govern the Club in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they                           are not inconsistent with these By-Laws.

                                                                                  ARTICLE X

SECTION 1.   Income.  All income received shall be administered at the discretion of the board of                                   directors for purposes and objectives of the organization, and shall at no time become                               part of the income or benefit of any individual member.

SECTION 2.   Expenditures.  The board of directors may at any time spend at their discretion the                                    sum of $400 or less ($1,600 per annum) without the approval of the Club on financial                              matters concerning club operating expenses only.  These expenditures shall be                                           explained at the next regularly scheduled Club meeting by the Club treasurer.                                             Operating expenses exceeding $400 and non-operating expenses (i.e.,                                                           donations/charity decisions) must be approved by the Club members at a business                                   meeting.

SECTION 3.   Reimbursements. In order to be reimbursed, the member must provide a receipt.  The                             receipt must adequately describe the expense, include the date of the expense and                                     merchant and clearly state the exact amount of the expense.

SECTION 4.   Audit.  The Club shall perform an internal audit of Club financial accounts annually                                  immediately prior to the September business meeting or prior to the placement of a                                  new treasurer. The audit will be performed by a committee of the treasurer and two                                  additional Club members who have been approved by a majority of Club members in                                attendance at the June business meeting or special meeting in the event of an out of                                  cycle treasurer change.

                                                                                  ARTICLE XI

SECTION 1.   Amendments.  These By-Laws may be amended, repealed, or altered in whole, or in                                 part, by the Members of the Club. The changes must be presented at a regularly                                         scheduled business meeting and addressed in the meeting minutes prior to voting on                               the changes. A two-thirds majority of votes cast, in person and absentee, at the business                           meeting shall be necessary to pass any such motion for amendment.